Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bombay Catholic Sabha President in a property imbroglio at Kalina?

Dolphy D'Souza
The residents living on the ground floor of Salex Centre Co-op Hsg. Society Ltd, Kalina have been living in miserable condition due to heavy leakage into their living rooms. But to their misery despite sending several notices to the secretary of the society, their problem remained unattended. It has been alleged that the residents living on the first floor of the building are reluctant to carry on any repair activities and prohibiting anyone from entering the first floor. While speaking to ‘Santacruz Patrika’, the secretary Salvadore Saldhana clarified, “the residents of the first floor Veronica Vaz and her son Ossie Vaz have been regularly harassing the residents of ground floor and not allowing us to carry on repairs.
Accordingly, we had lodged a police complain vide NC no 7004 dt 13/11/2006 and after the police intervention the leakage from the first floor had immediately stopped. This shows the mischievous acts adopted by the first floor residents”. He further added, “ The harassment began when one of the society members Sanjiva Suvarna in the AGM had an altercation between Ossie Vaz and Elma D’Souza, wife of Dolphy D’Souza, President of Bombay Catholic Sabha, who is alleged to be carrying out illegal activities from one of the first floor flats”. Sanjiva Suvarna is a senior citizen and is suffering from heart ailments and poor eyesight and lives alone. “Since at the AGM it was decided to remove the illegal metal door of the common staircase erected by the first floor residents, this angered them and they began harassing the ground floor residents.” admitted the secretary.
However, the bone of contention appears to be the flat No F-02, presently which is occupied by Veronica Vaz. The plot which was earlier a cottage was purchased by Celestine Nancy Saldhana, daughter of Veronica Vaz, along with her brothers vide registered conveyance deed dated 13/07/1993 for Rs 65,000 of which it is learnt that Rs 50,000 was paid by Nancy. Later, when the premise was developed, the upper floor was allotted to William (F-01 about 750 sq.ft), Nancy (F-02 about 300sq ft) and Veronica Vaz & Ossie Vaz (F-03 - about 700 sq.ft) All the share certificates are signed by the then Office bearers, including Mrs. Elma D'Souza, wife of Dolphy D'Souza. The society was formed in 1998.
Further, while clarifying with Nancy Saldhana she added, “On the basis of humanitarian grounds and love and affection, I allowed my mother Veronica Vaz to come / visit and reside in my flat when she desires, at her wish and will. However, my mother is residing, eating and staying with her son Ossie Vaz, at Flat No. F-03.” Adding further she states, “After one of my sons went abroad, I moved to Dahisar and allowed my mother to stay in my flat. Subsequently, Elma D’Souza and her husband Dolphy D’Souza who have an office on the ground floor of the building shifted their office illegally to the residential premises on first floor, despite of objection from society”
At present, repair work is going on Nancy’s flat and for the purpose of repair work the door of her flat has been removed and all her belonging and articles from the flat have also been moved. But to her surprise her flat was forcibly trespassed and two beds, two cupboards were dumped by Dolphy, Ozzie into her flat thereby trying to obstruct the repair work by taking law into their own hands, complained the secretary. “But when I objected and restricted their such illegal works, Dolphy, along with my brother and sisters started abusing me with filthy language and threatening me with dire consequences and are trying to create nuisance, disturbance, and breach of peace in the society”, clarified Nancy. “I also requested them not to create any obstruction and disturbance in the repairs of the flat but they did not heed” said Nancy.
When questioned on the inconvenience faced by the aged mother, the secretary replied, “Since it was agreed that repair work has to be carried in the interest of the ground floor residents.
The repair work to flat F-01 was started on 22/06/2010 and was completed on 12/07/2010. On 13/07/10 Ossie assured that furniture from flat F-02 will be shifted to F-01. But the promise was not kept.” But, instead they did not move the furniture and on the contrary asked the two ladies workers to move out and locked the grill door on the staircase “Since Nancy’s flat is hardly 12’X12’ we requested Veronica to shift into her son Ossie’s house and after the repairs can come and occupy her flat. But, the stern tactics of Dolphy D’Souza neither prohibited Veronica from moving from the flat nor allowed us to carry on the repairs,” claimed the secretary.
To substantiate on the insecurity of Veronica, Saldhana claimed that there is a solid metal door outside and the premises keys of which are in custody of Veronica and family. “Also, the door was removed with the permission of Veronica Vaz, on her complaint, that due to sand etc she cannot tolerate the screeching sound of the door. The door is still very much there.” admitted Saldhana.
“In spite of having two big flats of 750 and 700 sq ft on the same floor, adjacent and mostly empty, Dolphy Dsouza and Elma D’souza have compelled Mrs. Veronica Vaz not to move out of F-02, irrespective of the fact, the dust and cement would aggravate her ill health. This alone shows, the motivated move and malafide intention of these people and scant regard they have to the well being of a sick senior citizen”, emphasised Saldhana.
Mr.Dolphy DSouza is husband of Elma DSouza who is the daughter of Veronica. They are carrying on their business of Personnel People and Aarmik Travels since the past ten years from the premises. Both Elma and Dolphy have rented out their ground floor office as Domitory to the hotel boys of Vishwashanti and is alleged they conduct their business illegally from first floor Flat no. F-01, belonging to Mr. William Vaz who is staying abroad. “In spite of Society’s repeated warnings, they have always dared the Society to take action because of their high level contacts,” admits the secretary.
“This inhuman treatment to Veronica speaks volumes about the so called social concern of Mr. Dolphy DSouza, who is the President of BOMBAY CATHOLIC SABHA. He has made an elderly lady a pawn to cover up his illegal activity of running commercial office from a residential premise. If it is not, why should he hastily vacate F-01 a few days ago when the media arrived? questions Saldhana. It is also alleged that Dolphy inorder to cover up his illegal business cleared his office premise of G-01 and placed two tables and chairs to give the flat a semblance of an office.
The question that needs an answer is- Why is Veronica hesitant to move to F-01 or F-03 (where she eats and rests), and allow the smooth repairs of the flat in the interest of other residents? When her daughter Nancy even offered to take her to Dahisar to her residence until the repairs are over and then she could return safe, why didn’t she heed? Why Dolphy and the family are not abiding by the bye-laws of society in the interest of other residents who are facing hardships? This implies it is a well orchestrated game plan by Mr. Dolphy D’Souza and family.
The Editor made several attempts to clarify with Dolphy D’Souza, but on every occasion he refused to meet on some pretext or the other.

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